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Monday, June 21, 2010

My Kids Leave Tomorrow for Hawaii

Our day has been jam packed with last minute, procrastinated  tasks to prepare the three youngest to fly to Hawaii in the morning, to visit friends and family.  Of course, as such things go, travel snags have created much to do today.  But by being a machine I have completed all travel plans, including pick-up in Honolulu tomorrow evening, and have booked fairly decent fares for them late, late Wednesday night on Hawaiian Interisland,  on to Kona.  They fly direct from Atlanta, a crazy long flight.  Last time, they were granted First Class.  I'm not thinking they will be so blessed this time around.

They are flying out on return tickets purchased in the fall when they returned to VA.  At that time, it was cheaper to puchase a round trip ticket, and so we are taking advantage of the gift of the other half of the ticket, allowing them to return for a bit.

They are crazy excited.  Bags are packed, crammed into one suitcase to avoid excess baggage fees.  But it's Hawaii, what more does a person really need then two t'shirts, two swim suits and rubber slippah's from Long's Drugs?  A couple of books to read on the flight and all is well.

They will spend one day and one night on Oahu, visiting friends, seeing their old home and school, church, their favorite beaches, Manoa Falls, Manoa Rainbows.  Then they will travel on to Oahu to be with their grandparents, but most importantly, to be with their bird Lily and their dog Kenahi.  And of course, attend the proverbial Vacation Bible School, Hawaiian Style.

I will miss them so much.  I wish I was accompanying them.  To see the sky.  To swim at Kua Bay.  To sit in the cove at Airport Beach.  To eat plate lunch, lau lau, kalua pig, spam musabi, teriyaki, and so much more.  To show my friends that I am good and strong.  But I will be a machine while they are away; I will continue to job search, continue to push forward.

I am not in the least bit worried for their safety--Delta Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines both provide the utmost in care and security for minors.  They will be treated like royalty.  They are glad that I am not traveling with them, it would spoil the possibiity for perks.

But I will miss them, and will long deeply, hugely so, that I could be with them, enjoying their laughter and the push back past the breakers to the calm part of the sea and float endlessly, snorkeling amongst the creatures that I cherish.  I will redeem the time while they are away, I will make them proud, I will continue to work hard.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Dr. Beach: N.Y.'s Southampton beach tops list

WHAT?? No Kua Bay? No Hapuna Beach? And not even my favorite beach Wawalioli next to the Keahole-Kona Airport (Ok, so the swimming there is, um, treacherous, and the airplanes are landing and taking off every few minutes just a few 100 feet away, and no one goes to that beach----maybe that's why it didn't make the list-----but it's still the best beach in the world. Homesick.)

Dr. Beach: N.Y.'s Southampton beach tops list

Below is a picture of Wawalioli Beach.  :)  Eh, shoulda been numbah one.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

From Honolulu Advertiser.....Challenge of finding parking in Manoa

Dispute over parking stall leads to arrest of boy, 17

Police arrested a 17-year-old boy on suspicion of weapons offenses Sunday night following a dispute over a parking space in Mānoa.
Police said a 33-year-old man told them he was arguing with the boy about 8:30 p.m. when the boy pulled a firearm and threatened him.
The older man drove away and reported the incident.
Uniformed police officers went to the scene and arrested the teen on suspicion of first-degree terroristic threatening, carrying a firearm in public and detaining stolen property (in reference to the gun).

Be there. Aloha. - Hawaii News -

Be there. Aloha. - Hawaii News -

Book 'em, Danno! Hawaii-5-0 to begin filming on Oahu soon!

Wonder if watching it will be anything like watching Magnum PI or the Original Hawaii 5-0, or even Dog the Bounty Hunter, where during a chase the scenery switches from The road toward SeaLife Park, to the tunnel, to H-1 through downtown and then Northshore, all in the same 3 minute chase scene sequence. Amazing---seems I no can travel da H-1 like dat and end up Kailua beach in 2 minute, eh? What dey figure? We no traffic on de island? Eh, they no see H-1 from time school get out till time for go home from work! What dey figure, we take one helicopter to get cross dah island? But always like see Leonard's Malasadas on TV, so ono, make me homesick.