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Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Birds

It being a cool night----is fall here?----I opted to open all the windows last night to let the fresh, crisp air in. I didn't count on,  (cue scary music) The Birds.

Early this morning before the sun had even begun to rise, I heard the strangest noise outside.  I did my best to ignore it, though it was quite distracting.  It sounded as if someone were on my roof, throwing pennies from my roof onto my air conditioning unit.  Ping, Ping, Ping.  And much rustling of leaves.  I briefly wondered if my 80 some-odd year landlord had taken it upon himself to clean out the gutters at 5:30 AM.

As the sun started to rise and I could see better, I ventured a look out my window.  There, in my backyard, were hundreds and hundreds of black birds.  They were every where--on my roof, on my deck (pooping) and in my yard.  On my shed and in the trees.  And they were feasting on acorns, then proceeding to throw the shells down.  It was raining acorns.  I'm sure if someone had been standing under the tree, they would have received an acorn concussion.

So, in tribute to my not-so-fine feathered friends, I turn to a mash-up of Hitchcock's The Birds.  Still one of the scariest movies I've ever seen.

Monday, July 26, 2010

35 Movies in only Two Minutes!

35mm takes it's audience through a fast paced, minimalist animated video that showcases 35 different movies in the simplest of terms.  Thanks to director Felix Meyer for his creativity as well as providing the chance to go insane trying to figure out which movies they are---I know I got Snow White, Jaws and James Bond correct--how many can you get right?

35mm from Felix Meyer on Vimeo.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Inception Movie Review

Slight spoiler alert!!

I saw Inception today with my daughter and one of her friends.  I really had no expectations going in to the theatre--sure, I'd seen the trailers and had thoughts such as "Cool Graphics" and "Interesting Concept".  But it is not something that I really thought much more about, other than a perfect diversion for a rainy Saturday afternoon.

After 30 minutes of the expected ads and previews, what proceeded to ensue was one of the most thought-provoking movies that I've seen in quite some time.

The screenwriters take us through this maze of sorts, an alternate reality based upon our dreams, and the (fictional) science for another person to enter a person's dream and thus access the deepest secrets held by that person.  Those involved in doing so for this film's purpose, were seeking to plant an idea into an heirs mind, that would take hold and grow, ultimately creating a breakup of his father's empire.

But that wasn't the fascinating story plot.  It was the subplots that seemed to take a front seat in this action packed film.  As the characters got deeper and deeper into the world of the subconcious, they elected to use powerful sedatives so as to take them essentially into a dream within a dream within a dream--three layers.  The danger, the fear, was that if one does not awaken from that deep of a sleep, from both the powerful sedative as well as the combination of 3 layers of dreams to climb back out of (the means of which consists of creating a "Kick", which was a violent fall, that we are all familiar with in our own dreams--the falling sensation that we awaken from as we hit the bottom of the fall), if one was unable to catch the Kick, than he or she would remain in Limbo, for decades, possibly forever.

The main character, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, suffers from great grief over the loss of his wife.  They had been caught in Limbo, and to bring them out of that state, he convinced his wife to lay over train tracks with him, resulting in their "death" but actually resulting in their return to reality.  However, for his wife, that return to reality did not complete itself.  Because already, the notion--the idea--the seed of a thought had been planted deep in her subconcious, and that seed had taken over her mind and heart. She came to a place where what was real, in her mind, was only a dream, and the only way to wake up from that dream, was through suicide.  She tried to get Dicaprio to join her in her pursuit, and no matter what he did, he could not convince her that where she was living, was truly reality.

And so she jumped.  To her death.  Determined that by doing so, the pain would be over, that she would awaken from the nightmare she was in to the world they had built together while in Limbo, a non-existent dream world that she was convinced was real.

Oh the thoughts this provokes---thoughts about life, about death.  About dreams and nightmares.  About the mind, the ability to think, and the inability to control the dreams and nightmares that plague so many of us.  The couple, in limbo, rebuilt this word full of memories---they rebuilt each of their old homes, they rebuilt projections of their children, their very real and vivid memories became their very real alternate world from which there was no escape, except ultimately through death.

The implications and thoughts, the conversations that such a movie should generate are vast in nature.  I'll not explore them here.  I only know that my own mind is churning and processing, categorizing and sorting my way through the last 2 1/2 hours.  My thoughts are still too new to share in this forum, until I have thoroughly examined them.

"What's the most resilient parasite?  An idea....A single idea from an human mind........"  Dicaprio

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Movie Trailer for Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Voyage of the Dawn Treader will be released next fall.  Not a fan of my Uncle Lewis' non-fiction, allegorical writing, however I have enjoyed the previous Chronicles of Narnia books.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I Know Better than to Leave the House........

I found myself in what was, to me, a most hysterical and peculiar situation today.

Like a good mom, I took my kids to see Shrek.  Against my better judgement.  We had been shopping.  At the Mall.  A Long Time.  I hate the mall and I hate to shop.  OH how I HATE to SHOP.  But post shopping, we ate lunch.  Yum.  I love to eat.  OH how I LOVE TO EAT.

So I did not want to go to the movies.  Besides, I had read the reviews and they were disappointing--"Not Funny." I didn't want to spend the money or the two hours on something not funny.

But the manipulative munchkins talked me into seeing Shrek Forever After.  Hmm, one should not watch a Shrek movie and come away being SAD---they turned it into a Chick Flick, hello???  Who's idea was THAT?  Fire the producer.  Fire the writers.  Fire the Key Grips.

Anyway, I was finding my heartrate/breathing a small bit of a challenge.  I had been fighting a little bit of irrational panic and adrenaline off and on.  And if any of you were at Old Navy today for their $1.00 Flip Flop sale, THEN YOU WERE PANICKING AS WELL, so don't hate.  Go ahead, tell me you weren't.  Good grief.  There were 983 people in there buying black flip-flops for $1.00 (limit of 5 per customer, black was all they had left).  I was tempted to bribe Bethany to yell "FIRE!!" just so that I could breathe again.

But today, though this goes against some of my strongest pet peeves, I am thinking that maybe an accumulation of panic amongst other things and thoughts, may have led to the situation I found myself in later that day, in the restroom of the Regal Theatre.

I was ill.  Very, very ill.  Very, very very ill.  In a very, very public bathroom.

Not.  Good.

And worse still, in the midst of being not well, it was so very hard not to laugh at the children's, teens and their mom's reaction as they entered the restroom, had I been in any condition at all to laugh.  Of course, I would become ill right as soon as SHREK (which was attended by two-count 'em, TWO birthday party groups) let out---thus I was in a bathroom full of people, all waiting their turn.  Oops.  Their comments were down-right hysterical, if I could have recorded them, I would have.  My favorite? "Someone needs some serious help."

Has there every been a more truthful statement?

I tried to leave, but had to turn right back around, as I quickly sent a text to my daughter and apologizing that she and her siblings were having to wait for me.  Her response?  Something to the effect of : TAKE YOUR TIME.  Thanks, my daughter dear, I'll do that.  I appreciate your permission.

About 30 minutes later, I was able to leave.  Yep-30 minutes.  Shoot, by then I could have snuck back in and could have chosen another movie to watch!  But alas, the teen driver was eagerly waiting out in our van, torturing her brothers and sister, and I think they were taking bets to see how long it would take me to reappear.  Should have gone to see Ironman 2, that would have taught them.

Just to finish off the story with a nice ending, the teen driver insisted that she must stop at Walmart.  Ugh.  But, being the good mother that I was trying hard to be, I acquiesced.  As we were leaving Walmart, I set off the door alarm.  I don't know why.  The little old smiley face sticker man asked me for my receipt. (Why don't they give out those stickers any more?  That was the only good part about going to Walmart.  I suppose they are trying to save trees and "Go Green".  Bummer.)  He asked me if I'd bought a TV. A TV??  Really?   Of course I politely answered "No Sir".  I could see my kids standing outside WalMart, (how did they get past the Walmart police and I did not?) making fun of me while he checked my receipt for contraband.  All he found was shampoo, my two new pairs of Sesame Street and AC/DC pajamas (no, Sesame Street and AC/DC does NOT create an antithesis), Pringle's and shorts for Tim.  Oh, and I think I bought some toothpaste.  I'm thinking it was the AC/DC pajamas that were contraband.  Or the toothpaste.