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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Road Trip

We have returned from our cross country Road Trip, having made it all the way to St. Louis, taking a trip to the top of the Arch, before having to turn around and head back East.

Things I learned:

1.  Teenagers think that it is fun to drive for the first hour.  And they they want you to drive the rest of the way.

2.  Driving through WV has got to be a lot like driving for NASCAR.  Most fun I've had driving in years-----Danica Patrick has absolutely nothing on me.

3.  My grandmother must be the sharpest 90 year old that I've ever met.  She didn't miss a thing, looks healthier than I am and was hysterical.  I've not seen her in at least 12 years, maybe longer.  She was dressed head to toe in Purple.  If I make 90, maybe I will wear Purple.

4.  I still want a horse.  I don't think I will ever, ever outgrow that.

5.  Denny's serves great Pancakes for cheap cheap cheap.

6.  My girl is listening to a lot of the same music that I grew up with in the 80's.  Something is just not right about that........especially when she doesn't realize that these are NOT NEW SONGS!!!!

7.  St. Louis is a long ways away.

8.  The big, scary mall at Fairview Heights, IL is still there.  With the funny roof.  And I imagine the scary escalator is still there as well........YIKES

9.  The sky is absolutely beautiful in WV and in KY.  Not so much in IL or IN.

10.  A lot of time to think does not necessarily translate into a plan.