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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Once again, Going for a Walk and Police Cars Intersect in my Life

Once while walking several months ago late at night, I found myself stopped by a police car, with blue lights on, who told me in no uncertain terms to "turn yourself around missy and get home, it's not safe to be walking out here at night". Hysterical, obviously doesn't know me.

Today, once again, as fate would have it, my walking coincided with another police car, this time with me sitting in the backseat of his car, with his lights on:

Afternoon. Slug. Should walk. Do not want to walk. My friend says walk. My friend complains that I do not follow instructions anymore. So agree to walk to prove wrong. Park. Look at sky. Beautiful. Blue. Billowing clouds, Reminded again of the sky, the need to write about the sky. Start to walk, deep in thought. Arranging board. Adding new thoughts to columns. So deep in thought, do not notice storm. Near end of road, think "Hmm, it is windy". Walk a few more feet. "Hmmm, it is really windy" Begin to doubt friend's wisdom. Decide to check direction of wind. Note that huge wall of rain is behind the huge wall of wind that is now threatening to knock me off my feet. Start to run for car. Now not only doubting friend's wisdom, but plotting evil revenge on friend. Reach car, huffing and puffing. Make note to self that self must get more serious about exercise and weight loss. Prepare to dive into car for cover. Door is locked. Check every single door. All doors are locked. Keys are in car. Now plotting revenge on both self and friend. Call husband. Husband has to stop prep for teaching and come pick me up. Cold, shivering, soaked, pelted by rain. Waiting and Talking to husband on cell phone. Turn around to see police car driving down street. Saved! Think "Hmmm, never see policemen on BayTree Beach Road." Hang up on husband. Stand in middle of the street to block police car. Ask neighborly policeman for number to locksmith. Policeman says "Get in the back, this storm is going to be bad". Climb into back of police car just as rain and wind really break loose. Policeman takes my name, calls station for Pop-A-Lock number. Policeman runs check on my license plate. Policeman says nothing about expired plates. Like this policeman. Make plan to vote for him for Sheriff were he to decide to ever run. Call Pop-A-Lock, am told 30 minutes. Chat with policeman. Husband arrives. Police and husband inspect car, policeman leaves. Husband takes random tool from trunk of his scary car and pops off hinge to back window. Husband says crawl through to get to keys. Throw self through van, frantically hoping keys are in van and not dropped somewhere along walk. Happily find keys right where left, between seats. Quickly call Pop-A-Lock and apologize for false alarm. Policeman drives back by, more small talk. Kiss husband and thank him for owning random tools in his scary vehicle. Vow to not make fun of husband's car ever again. Climb into car and drive home, continuing to plot revenge on friend.